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An Update on My Life

I’ve re written so many blog posts over and over, but never posted. A lot has changed in recent months. Undoubtedly, the biggest being my tendon transfer on my wrist in March. It has put my wrist in a more functional and aesthetically pleasing position. I have more use of my wrist now, but that doesn’t mean to say I know exactly how to use it. I still need to train my brain and my arm to realise each others existence, in order to help me harness my new abilities (yes, I’m aware I’m kind of comparing it to a superheroes powers 😉 ).

Before and After results of Tendon Transfer



The second recent change in my life is that I am no longer in a relationship. Yes, I’m devastated, sad and felt like I was in a soppy break-up chick flick movie, but now I’m realising it was probably for the best, and I am miles better off without him. In some ways I’m lucky, my first EVERYTHING happened all at once. I fell in love, I lost my virginity in a committed relationship, rather than another way that I could now regret. Although, it devastates me that I know have to come to terms with the fact that I will have meet someone new, and put the ‘Hemi Cards’ back on the table, it’s refreshing to know, that I after meeting one accepting person, I’ll obviously, eventually, meet another. So, for now, I’ll learn to be single again and enjoy the upcoming events in my life.


Me and the lovely owl Luna

July should be an exciting month for me too. Last November I attended a taster session for a camp called ‘Breathe Magic’, which involves teaching children with hemiplegia,  aged 7-19, adapted magic tricks whilst simultaneously providing intense physiotherapy in which the participants would be required to use both hands.  It was this taster session, and the prospect of my then upcoming tendon transfer, that prompted both my parents and I to raise the £3,000 funds for me to attend this 2 week camp. I’m excited at the prospect of doing a little magic, which even my friends may not be able to do!

Being that I am 19, this is my final chance to attend this course- and we’ve done everything we can to fund it. And I WILL be attending in July, as my parents have given up our family holiday, and we’ve self funded. However, my mum will be keeping the GoFundMe page open afterwards. She’s made various types of Toffee and Fudge, and even agreed to take part in a local coastal walk along with family friends, who have agreed to donate their sponsor money to us. Even Primark- my employers, want to help in any way they can! We’ve done raffles, and even have an upcoming one!

My Tendon Transfer and my break up has seemingly brought about new changes in myself. Before my tendon transfer, I wore very little make-up- usually due to lack of confidence in my ability to actually put it on myself- so if and when I elected to wear any amount of full face make-up- my mum did it for me. But now, I’ve been experimenting and gaining in confidence to actually do my make up in the morning-(I got some great help from the lady at the Urban Decay Counter in Debenhams). Make-up  has always been something I’ve LOVED, but usually from afar or in awe of somebody else’s. I’m aware I’m not perfect like the Beauty Guru’s of Youtube, but the more I practice (or should I say experimenting!)– the more comfortable I’m feeling.


With everything that’s happened, I’m starting to feel like me again, finally.

I would say I’ll post again soon- but the amount of time between my last post and this one, proves otherwise!

Cat ^-^ x