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Lovely Lucy. An Independent Film

I know I said I would attempt to post weekly, but I also said I couldn’t make any promise to the fact.

On Monday, I attended an Independent Film, with the working title ‘Lovely Lucy’, to be an extra in the background.

My boyfriend,  Stevie went with me as I’m a nervous wreck on Public transport and I needed helped with the clothing I needed to take. On arrival at the Club (Suede Bar), Stevie was immediately pulled aside and asked if he would consider being a ‘named part’ who would have three drinks thrown in his face one after the other. He was to be the ‘cheating boyfriend’, and since we have ‘natural chemistry’ (duh), they had me be the ‘other woman’. My role was to kiss my own boyfriend, on camera, in front of everyone which is surprisingly awkward (we did it in one take though!) and act disgusted when I essentially find out I’m the other woman, and he’s cheating on his girlfriend of 8 years.. (he’s 18 and the other actress was 23… dating since age 10 😉). I should add that neither of us look 18, so everyone else looked so much older than us! After a few rehearse shots with no water in the glasses, the crew decided to go for the real thing, which was done, luckily as he had no change of clothes, in one take!

After our filming was done, it was time for a 30 minute break where we were told our roles were complete and that they’d get in touch when they had finished the film and it was time for a cast screening (We’re even going to get a copy of the film). I really enjoyed myself- and Stevie joined my agency for free for being a ‘good sport’ 🙂

Cat 🐱